WATCH VIDEO: I became a habitual drunkard due to juju in Kumawood – Actress Awo Yaa tells sad story

Many secrets have been unravelled about how the Kumawood movie industry is inundated with voodooism and enmity which add up to the tall list of reasons why the once vibrant Twi-speaking industry is seemingly collapsing.

Kumawood actress, Awo Yaa who has had her own fair share of spiritual attacks from some persons close to her has opened up about her sad ordeal and how she defeated evil forces that were gradually destroying her.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with GHPage, the outspoken screen star explained some reasons for her absence from the movie scene for quite a long time.

Aside from being sidelined by producers, she indicated that out of the blue she noticed some changes in her moral character.

According to Awo Yaa, she got glued to alcoholism so much that she became a habitual drunkard – a situation that got serious to the extent that she started questing for alcohol as early as 5:30 am.

While admitting to having been an alcohol user before her spiritual problems, she explained that the chronic alcohol use disorder made her more hyper and quick-tempered that got her into trouble with people.

Awo Yaa further disclosed that her search for a solution yielded no results as the scores of so-called men of God she reached out to only squandered her money running into tens of thousands.

Watch the interview below

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