There are steps you can take to make your hips look bigger. Significant deposits of body fat anywhere are unhealthy. Remember that being healthy is far more important than looking like a celebrity. Exercising the muscles of your upper, middle and lower body along with eating a healthy diet, will […]

The sudden weight you tend to put on your breasts post-pregnancy or after a sudden increase in your weight can be inconvenient. Several factors determine the size of your breasts – genetics, the body mass index, your age or even breastfeeding. So, if you are trying to get your breasts […]

Most women may not know that smoking weed can affect their vagina and sex adversely. According to research, smoking weed not only drys up your mouth, it also does the same to your vagina. This discovery was first noticed in 2009 after a survey was done on 8,650 Australian people […]