To submit an application as a brand-new applicant, go to the official OASIS Scholarship Application Portal and select the Student’s Registration link. For the application, select the District where your institution is located. The district of the student’s permanent residence should be chosen if they are studying outside of West […]

Donald Trump, a former US president, has announced his third run for the presidency, saying that “America’s return starts right now.”   He declared, “We have to save our country,” from his Florida residence. The decision by Mr. Trump comes as some Republican party members hold him responsible for the […]

Queen Elizabeth II, the UK’s longest-serving ruler, has passed on at Balmoral matured 96, in the wake of ruling for quite some time. Her child King Charles III said the passing of his dearest mother was a “snapshot of extraordinary bitterness” for himself as well as his family and that […]

The Queen’s sense of duty is well known across the world, after seven decades as head of state. But, as BBC royal correspondent Jonny Dymond explained earlier on BBC Radio 5 Live, most of us aren’t aware of the “enormous number” of duties carried out by the Queen. “Most of […]

Since the beginning of the early 80s, a couple of fearless and lionhearted drug lords have made fortunes for themselves. Some of these ruthless nation wreckers are alive while others are dead. Let me walk you through the path of the top 10 richest drug lords of all time. 1. […]

ISIS leader killed in US military raid The leader of the violent Islamic State group was killed during an overnight raid in Syria’s northwestern Idlib province, President Joe Biden said Thursday. The raid targeted Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurayshi, who took over as head of the militant group on Oct. 31, 2019, just days after […]