The foreign exchange (FX) control measures put in place last year in response to dwindling reserves at the time have been reversed, according to plans made public by Bank of Ghana (BoG) Governor Dr. Ernest Addison.   For example, many non-critical or essential commodities including rice, poultry, vegetable oils, toothpicks, […]

The top 10 financially successful Nigerian companies are listed by Business Insider Africa. Top 10 Nigerian companies with the most money This list, which includes 30 companies, is courtesy of a research report that Nairamtetrics recently released. At the end of March 2023, companies listed on the Nigerian Exchange reported […]

The ranking of the smartest African cities in 2023 is provided by Business Insider Africa and the Africa Collective initiative it supports. List of the smartest African Cities in 2023 This list is provided courtesy of the IMD Smart City Index, which evaluates 141 cities globally based on inhabitants’ opinions […]

Officials in Japan have given the go-ahead for contentious plans to construct the nation’s first gambling resort.   In 2029, the facility will debut in Osaka, a city in western Japan. In Japan, casinos have long been forbidden. However, a rule allowing exceptions to games like poker or baccarat was […]

Luisa Vicinanza-Bedi is a craftsman chocolate producer in Nottingham and pioneer behind Luisa’s Vegan Chocolates. “I’ve generally had an adoration for chocolate, however when I found every one of the preferences and subtleties of single-beginning chocolate – the unbelievable flavor notes, similar to a fine wine – my eyes were […]

For insurtech organizations, the previous year has been brimming with difficulties, more so than numerous different areas of fintech. Recently open organizations like home safety net provider Hippo, tenants guarantor Lemonade and auto back up plan Root saw their stocks drop steeply in the midst of worries around productivity and […]

Fintech’s mightiest exclusive organizations kept on developing over the course of the last year, yet declining interest in the business signals turbulent waters ahead.   It’s transforming into a sobering year for fintech. After a fair of new unicorns and super subsidizing adjusts in 2021, private fintech organizations are currently […]

Decentralized finance stages are taking drastic actions to restrict the aftermath from an auction in digital currencies. Solend, a loaning stage based on the Solana blockchain, attempted to oversee its biggest record, a purported “whale” financial backer that it said could essentially impact market developments.     Solend’s clients have […]

  Life insurance – cash paid to your friends and family when you are as of now not alive. Health care coverage – It takes care of a portion of the costs caused when you are wiped out. Home protection – takes care of the expense of the harm when […]

  What is protection? Protection is a method for insurance from monetary misfortune as per Wikipedia. Life can be loaded with startling occasions that can remove the tranquility of your prosperity. Selecting protection covers is the most effective way to safeguard your properties. Normal or steady installments to an insurance […]