More industries, from sports to the arts and entertainment, are utilizing cryptocurrency’s decentralized nature to advance their organizations and enterprises as its use spreads around the globe. The sports business has been riding the cryptocurrency wave for the past year without seeing a summit. The sports industry appears to have […]

You can have a disorder called Pica if you frequently find yourself seeking things other than food. Consistent eating of non-nutritive, non-food substances is a symptom of the disorder known as pica. A variety of materials, including but not limited to ice, dirt, clay, chalk, paper, hair, soap, and more, […]

By marrying her longtime lesbian partner Roxanne Wilshire, Jay Z’s mother has shown that you may find love at any age. Sunday night’s wedding in New York was naturally a perfect star-studded celebration, with Jay Z—real name Shawn Carter—leading the way like a proud father. Beyonce, who was pictured balancing […]