Video of fresh Lesbobo girls having a good time in the bedroom pops up online

A video clip showing two young women ostentatious parading themselves on camera as lesbians has hit the internet space.

In the video sighted by, the couple who seemingly live a carefree life of sexual immorality are seen puffing smoke from what looks like a roll of weed while they lock lips as a prelude to the main game.

The video comes at a time Ghanaian lawmakers have submitted an anit-LGBTQI+ bill before parliament seeking to criminalise same-sex practice and advocacy in the country through the private members’ bill before parliament.

The 36-page proposed bill is to ensure “proper human sexual rights and Ghanaian family values; proscribe LGBTQ+ and related activities; proscribe propaganda of, advocacy for or promotion of LGBTTQQIAAP+ and related activities; provide for the protection of and support for children, persons who are victims or accused of LGBTTQQIAAP+ and related activities.”

Watch the video below



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