Pica : Definition, causes, and effects

You can have a disorder called Pica if you frequently find yourself seeking things other than food.

Pica : Definition, causes, and effects
Pica : Definition, causes, and effects

Consistent eating of non-nutritive, non-food substances is a symptom of the disorder known as pica.

A variety of materials, including but not limited to ice, dirt, clay, chalk, paper, hair, soap, and more, can be used in a pica.

Although the precise cause of pica is not fully understood, it is thought to be related to a number of conditions, including:

1. Zinc or iron insufficiency: Some people with pica may also have underlying nutritional abnormalities such iron or zinc deficient anemia.

Their bodies could seek things other than food in an effort to replenish lost nutrients.

If you experience cravings for things other than food, try taking zinc or blood tonic to raise your iron levels.

2. Psychological causes: Stress, worry, and emotional disorders are only a few examples of the psychological causes that might be connected to pica.

Some pica sufferers could act out as a coping tactic or to calm themselves down.

If you discover that you crave non-food items when you’re stressed or anxious, try substituting good behaviors for these bad ones.

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