Pastor reportedly pays a native doctor to hold rain during a crusade

A netizen user has taken to Twitter to share that a pastor allegedly paid a native doctor to hold rain and prevent it from ruining his crusade.

According to the tweep with username, @dj_wHacky on Twitter, this ‘strange’ yet funny incident happened in Ozuoba near Port Harcourt in Rivers state.

Sharing the story, @dj_wHacky wrote;

“Nothing person nogo see for this Port Harcourt Rain, Pastor wan do crusade for ozuoba, e go pay rainmakers to hold rain ???”

The post has garnered massive reactions on social media. Read some comments below;

_YetuBanumi; “See the one sha, pastor don sabi o”

@23Sena: AH but why, ?????”

Real_Life thug; wish! things happen for the world inside lol.


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