Kenya deputy president get 257 police guards – Goment explain why

Kenya Government don reveal why 257 police officers dey guard di kontri Deputy President William Ruto.

Dem say dis number of guards dey protect im properties, including four wey dey guard a chicken farm.

Di Interior Ministry Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi bin dismiss claims of reducing Deputy President William Ruto’s security.

Matiang’i say Ruto na di most guarded holder of di office since independence.

Fred Matiangí tell one parliamentary security committee on Wednesday to explain why dem withdraw General Service Unit (GSU) officers from Ruto residences and replace dem wit Administration Police officers.

He tok say di recent changes for di police units wey dey guard Oga Ruto official residence, na “routine”.

Matiangi tell di MPs committee say di GSU officers “were not withdrawn” as e describe di move as a “security rearrangement.”

Im also add say among di officers wey protecting Oga Ruto na still 74 from di elite presidential unit.

Im tok say dem station some officers for airport hanger to guard Oga Ruto two helicopters.

Di deputy president and im supporters bin allege say di recent changes go undermine im security and dem dey politically motivated.

“Contrary to di allegations wey dem make plus di evidence wey dem table, His Excellency the Deputy President na di most guarded for di history of di kontri.

“In comparison wit previous equivalent office holders,” Mr Matiangi tok.

Observers say di revelations go undermine Oga Ruto rebrand as a “hustler”, identifying wit poor Kenyans.

Im supporters don beg Oga Matinag’i to also reveal di number of police officers guarding other VIPs.

Oga Ruto bin get fall out wit President Uhuru Kenyatta – observers say wetin make dia relationship no dey strong again na because Oga Kenyatta no fulfil im deal to back his deputy to succeed im next year.

Oga Kenyatta prefer im former political nemesis-turned-ally, Raila Odinga.

Di president recently beg Oga Ruto to resign, say e dey somehow for im deputy to say im dey support im goment and still be im leading critic.

Di deputy president na constitutional role, meaning dem no fit fire Oga Mr Ruto.


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