WATCH : ‘I will not marry again in my life’ – Xandy Kamel speaks on first failed marriage

The actress cum Angel TV presenter tied the knot with King Kaninja, a sports presenter with Angel FM, at a private ceremony on Thursday, May 14, 2020. However, she recently disclosed their marriage has ended due to infidelity on the path of her husband.

Speaking on what next now, Xandy in a conversation with Ghanaian blogger, Zion Felix, is saying that “I don’t want a boyfriend, all I need now is money. She explains that “a boyfriend is not necessary. No no no, I don’t need a man“.

In fact, I don’t want to have anything to do with marriage. I will never remarry,” she added.

I agree that this is my first failed marriage but how many times should I marry? I just want to have fun, explore and make money, travel, spend money and enjoy life, eat good food.. just be me,” she said.

Questioned on how she will be getting a man to warm her bed, she said “sleeping around isn’t fun, what if I contract a sexually transmitted disease…I won’t be in any relationship, I will not marry again in my life… I feel I will be distracted again“.

Hear more from her in the video below.

Source: pulse news

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