VIDEO: ‘I used to sleep with four women a day’ – Morris Babyface

Music producer Morris Babyface has recounted his former way of life as a chronic womanizer before his transformation into a fully grounded Christian.

Now an Evangelist, the singer and songwriter, said that he used to live on the wild side of life and slept with at least four ladies in a day to satisfy his sexual pleasure.

Babyface disclosed this in an interview on ‘Restoration With Stacy’, adding that he cried in regret after the act for his inability to control his sexual desires despite all efforts to resist the temptation.

“At a point, I realized being a womanizer wasn’t a good thing. I knew my mother was praying for me for a change of mind and direction but I came to the realization that it all depended on me and I could die at any time,” he told host Stacy Amoateng.

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“People think I exaggerate but it’s true I used to sleep with four women a day. The devil will make you think you’re smart. It was that bad. I believe if I weren’t saved by grace, by now, I would have exceeded that limit.

“I could fast and pray for redemption but just when I’m about to break the fast, one of the girls would call and I’d ask her to come over; we’ll have sex and the fast would be nullified.

“Interestingly, after doing this, I can be alone in my room weeping because I needed God to save me. I couldn’t stop, I kept falling,” the renowned music producer elaborated.

Having had a revelation about how people are suffering in hell, Morris Babyface has asked unbelievers to turn a new leaf, accept Christ as their Lord and personal saviour and work towards their salvation so as not to perish.

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