I Was Sacked From BOST Because I Reported Criminals Who Wanted To Enrich Themselves – Kwame Aplus Replies Afia Schwarzenegger

Social media commentator and political activist Kwame Aplus has finally replied Afia Schwarzenegger after she said Kwame Aplus is only speaking against the government because he’s no longer benefitting from them.

According to Afia Schwarzenegger in an interview, Kwame Aplus is supporting the #FixTheCountry campaign because he lost his contract with BOST.

Afia Schwarzenegger indicated that when Kwame Aplus was enjoying benefits from BOST he was silent.

However, now that he hast lost the contract, he is speaking against them.

Well, in a long post shared on his Instagram, Kwame Aplus replied Afia Schwarzenegger.

Kwame Aplus indicated that the reason he was sacked because he reported some criminals who wanted to enrich themselves.

He further indicated that he doesn’t support any political party because they are the same.

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He wrote:

When I had a contract with Bost if I was silent and not asking Government to #fixthecountry would they have sacked me? Ah!!! Was I not sacked because I reported criminals who wanted to enrich themselves at Korle Bu when it lacked basic things like oxygen and beds to the President?

Ok if I was silent why am I not working and benefiting from government? Did they sack me because I was silently chopping or it is because I was criticising the wrongs and talking plenty?

Me, Kwame A Plus, I’ve never supported any government in Ghana because they are the same. Not Rawlings, not Kuffour, not Atta Mills, not Mahama and of course not even the Nana Addo I supported to win election. Immediately he won and his people’s started misbehaving, I reported them to him. When he failed to take action I took them to social media. Then they sacked me. Then they fought me in Cape Coast I fought back and kept the pressure on them till date!!!

I’m a brave man. Tried, tested and scientifically proven!!! ??? I fought for the country irrespective of the consequences – lost businesses, immediate family and very close friend but kept fighting till date!!! There are very few people who can do what I’ve done. Few!!!

I may not agree with what you have to say specifically about me, but I’ll defend to death your right to say it. That is the definition of free speech. Peace ✌?

Kwame A Plus!!! Gaskiya ni!!!

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