Twin brother and sister disowned by family for dating each other

Having a sexual relationship with a blood relative is taboo, but some people find themselves falling into them anyway.

A young lady has publicly admitted she’s dating her twin brother in a TikTok video and it has stirred mixed reactions online.

Nmaroseeva shared their story of incest with loved up clips and text stamps and stated that she’s been sexually attracted to her brother because he makes her feel happy.

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But it’s not all rosy for the pair because their family do not approve of their sexual relationship.

Nmaroseeva noted they have been disowned by their family for engaging in the abominable act.

Although she was frank about exploring her sexuality with her brother, she urged viewers not to be judgemental after watching the video.

“Dating my twin brother. I’m sorry but no one should judge me. He makes me happy. If only you knew what we have been through. We were disowned by every member of the family,” she wrote on TikTok.

Watch the video below.


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