”Why Should The CID Detain A Suspect Just To Satisfy Complainant Emotions”:- Adu Sarfowaa Cries Out

Self-acclaimed toughest lady in the country, Adu Sarfowaa has called out the CID for wrongful detention and after inviting a suspect.

According to Adu Sarofwaa, why would a CID detain someone in their custodyafter the person who just invited for assist in investigation.

She continued that, the CID was playing the one side game by trying to comply to the emotional status of the complainant to prosecute the suspect.

She has alleged to making the law deal with the kind of CID who detained her overnight just because they was a complain on her head.

In a post she said,

A citizen is invited to the CID, HE or SHE respects the LAW & comply to the invitation. Den the CID investigating the citizen chooses to satisfy the complaint feelings or Emotions by detaining the individual.

First of all, does Defamation of character charge by a complainant call for detention? Does offensive conduct called insults called for detention?

We are fixing the country… Everything will be dealth with….This issue will be dealth with to the last drop of the law taking it right place in our country Ghana…. God help us all.


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