They have sex in their offices, God will judge the prophets of Ghana – Prophet Kofi Oduro

• Prophet Kofi Oduro has lamented about the sins being committed by pastors

• He has condemned pastors who have sex with women in their offices

• He stressed that God will judge such persons

The Bible, in Leviticus 22:32, preaches that man must not bring shame on God’s holy name, but according to the leader of the Alabaster International Ministry, Prophet Dr Kofi Oduro, a host of abominations are taking place in some churches.

The preacher, in a sermon on Sunday, August 7, 2021, noted that some pastors are defying the name of God by engaging in sexual acts with women in their churches.

The man of God has called on the wrath of God on “foolish and stupid” preachers.

According to Prophet Oduro, their sins need to be judged adding that God will have to render an apology to Sodom and Gomorrah if such actions go unpunished.

“God will judge the prophets of Ghana. If God does not judge the prophets of Ghana, He must render an apology to Sodom and Gomora because the things that the prophets of Ghana do, ladies and gentlemen then things that they do, even Hophni and Phinehas didn’t do that.

“Go to pastors’ offices, they have sex with women at the Church premise. The premise is polluted… it means that they are having sex on the altar with their concubines, mistresses, madams.”

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He has called on Christians as well as government officials to turn away from their evils ways and seek salvation from God Almighty. He again lamented on how innocent Christians are being exploited by fake prophets who rob them of the little money they have.

“People pick buses from their homes to go sit in such churches and give their last pennies to these, stupid, foolish, mad, capricious and crazy pastors. The Bible calls them foolish in Ezekiel 13:3.

“I am sending this message to all pastors that God will judge you as he will judge the President of Ghana,” Prophet Kofi Oduro cautioned.


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