Side chick After the police invaded her home to take her into custody, Deborah Seyram talks law with them.

The police have detained Deborah Seyram Adablah, a former NSS employee who is suing her ex-boyfriend and former boss Ernest Nimako.


She streamed a live video with her fans, who saw the whole thing as it transpired, despite the fact that the reason for her arrest is still unknown.

Seyram could be seen and seen in the video asking the police why they are detaining her because, as far as she is aware, she hasn’t committed any crimes that would warrant their detention.

However, the police officer who went to make her arrest just said that they were carrying out a court order that requested her to be detained.

The policeman responded by saying he had no idea what Seyram was saying. Seyram then disputed the police, asserting that court orders take effect after 14 days.

She nonetheless consented to follow the police and inquired as to which police station she was being transported to in order to speak with her attorney. She was informed that it was the regional police station.


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