See how Randy Abbey was “grilled” by Ablakwa and Nana Akomea on Ghana’s performance at the AFCON.

After navigating their first inquiry with success, Okudzeto Ablakwa and Nana Akomea asked Dr. Abbey for his professional opinion on the causes leading up to Ghana’s disappointing performance in the 34th AFCON.

Randy Abbey began by taking ownership of the subpar performance and stating that it was crucial for the FA, of which he is a member, to acknowledge that the situation in Ivory Coast was dire.

Then, he explained the team’s problems that led to Ghana’s early elimination, saying, “I believe we had a transition problem.”

Although Salis and Baba Iddrissu are both DMs, I am not a coach. Ashimeru is someone who makes the shift, or what you would want to refer to as a number 8.

“So, when you consider the call-ups, you could wonder how many number eights you selected for the team. We had Richmond Lamptey and Ashimeru, but Lamptey did not even start for you in any of the three games. Because Baba Iddrisu and Salis were playing in the first game, it was challenging to switch. You can tell that we can advance the game more effectively when Ashimeru is around.

I believe he did not fully heal from the injuries he sustained in the second game during the third one. After he left, we introduced Baba Idrissu, and two number 6s started to play.

Randy Abbey responded to some queries from Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, who has been advocating for accountability with regard to the tournament budget, by providing clarification.

“The budget that the Ministry of Information gives to you, the Parliament, encompasses all of its operations for the year. All estimates submitted by the ministries’ entities are approved by committees prior to being approved. The government or the ministry do not get funding from the FA.

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