Plan to open Japan’s first casino is approved

Officials in Japan have given the go-ahead for contentious plans to construct the nation’s first gambling resort.

Plan to open Japan's first casino is approved
Plan to open Japan’s first casino is approved


In 2029, the facility will debut in Osaka, a city in western Japan.

In Japan, casinos have long been forbidden. However, a rule allowing exceptions to games like poker or baccarat was introduced in 2018 in an effort to increase tourism and create jobs.

Some members of the public are worried about an increase in crime and gambling addiction.

The 5.3 million square foot (49 acre) project will also have a hotel, convention center, mall, and museum in addition to the casino.

According to Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, “We hope (the casino) will become a tourism base that promotes Japan’s charms to the world.”

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