Here are the most terrible dressed VIPs at the VGMA 2022


VGMA 2022 A few looks were beautiful and others were horrendous.

Choosing the right ensemble for a red carpet event can be an impossible feat to pull off.

Here are the most terrible dressed VIPs at the VGMA 2022
Here are the most terrible dressed VIPs at the VGMA 2022

There is dependably tension on our stars to beat their record, dress to satisfy their adherents, share a couple of style tips and get out of the container.

It implies facing challenges with regards to picking the sort of texture, the shade of the texture and the plan to coordinate impeccably with hairdo, shoe and sack game while thinking about the subject of the occasion.

The Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA 2022) is about the Ghanaian music industry.

VGMA 23 : What Ghanaian superstars wore to the occasion

For north of twenty years, the honor show has regarded legends of the music game in Ghana, spurred underground performers to accomplish more and started a large group of debates around who ought to have own what. This has been an intriguing ride.

The show, in any case, has an intriguing side fascination which is honorary pathway. For one night in the year, visitors and superstars put on their A-game to kill. Things don’t for the most part turn out as they ought to. Presumably because of the misrepresentation of hurried richness that accompanies the mission to dazzle. Or then again perhaps a misconstrue from originators.

In any case, honorary pathway looks will be evaluated. Not so much for disdain. Not so much for a purposeful assault. Only for the love of the game. Nobody is saying go burn through every last cent yet effortlessness could offer the best life and searches available.

While certain big names were cheered for their staggering looks on honorary pathway, others came up short.

Here are the most exceedingly terrible dressed famous people at the 2022 Vodafone Ghana Music Award (VGMA 2022).

  • John Dumelo

This game becomes troublesome when somebody who is the King of Slayers disappoints.

The main inquiry was like “what is John wearing?” and also “capture the designer”.

The material didn’t praise him as it ought to. Apologies, ‘Mr President’ however now is the ideal time to return home … in a real sense.

Here are the most terrible dressed VIPs at the VGMA 2022

  • Fameye

A decent performer by all norms. Fameye might have won the Best Song Writer of the Year and deservedly so however this look makes him one of the most exceedingly terrible dressed celebs on the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA 2022) honorary pathway.

  • Shugatiti

Shuga! Shuga! Shuga! What on earth is this? That areola and straightforward show on the upper piece of the dress was superfluous. It for all intents and purposes annihilated everything. Truly, honorary pathway has continued on from such an outfit.

  • Hajia Bintu

It seemed like Hajia was having a terrible day. There’s generally that one dress that keeps you on the marginal whether it’s a decent look or a terrible look. Her body is astounding however truly, that is all there is to it. Furthermore, the cosmetics looked so awful.

  • Black Sherif

Black Sharif functioned admirably and merited The New Artiste of the Year however I suppose there’s a motivation behind why that grant was not on style but rather on music. Since that would have been a lifetime drought in light of this look.

  • Janet Offei (Erkuah Official)

What is this? She seems to be a wreck. Who was she wedding?

  • Kuami Eugene

Kuami’s outfit has such countless inquiries unanswered.

  • Osebo

At any point could there at any point be a best-dressed Osebo? His style is turning into a banality and this is no exemption.

  • Cina Soul

Was there any wedding after-party at the VGMAs 23 that we didn’t know about? This for all intents and purposes seemed to be a bridesmaid outfit yet not for honorary pathway.

  • Gambo

Gambo could have made up his own topic since seeing the outfit has us confounded.

  • KK Fosu

Goodness KK! Your tunes never left our brains yet this outfit is horrible.

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