E-Levy: Why did they alarm us to such an extent

E-Levy is a significant assessment handle in the 2022 financial plan proclamation by Finance Minister Ken Ofori-Atta


E-Levy: Why did they alarm us to such an extent


Adwoa was in a local shop to purchase a couple of food, she met two others in the shop, they were there for some Mobile Money (Momo) exchanges.

Adwoa zeroed in on purchasing the things till the Momo Merchant said “That is all, we won’t charge anything more” she proceeded to instruct the man about what exchanges will draw in E-Levy charges and which ones will not.

The man’s remark after the E-demand training stayed with me, he said “aaah, so is this why they have terrified us so much,” she moved nearer to him and expressed out loud whatever did you suppose?

” They said the public authority planned to take truckload of cash from us for sending Momo, I was at first extremely frightened about the ‘assumed’ sums to be deducted and I overreacted whenever, I considered doing a Momo exchange yet my experience tonight has demonstrated in any case.

As a communicator, the man’s explosion about his sentiments on the E-Levy was arousing, maybe we haven’t done right as a country by they way we teach and impart to the majority about government approaches

E-Levy Politicized?

Is the data about the E-Levy Politicized? There might have been sufficient schooling yet the data produced was policitised to the point that individuals were conflicted between supporting or not supporting.

There are a few instructive flyers from Government coursing via web-based entertainment about the E-Levy, be that as it may, individuals may not get some margin to concentrate on the functional subtleties of the sums to be deducted would it be a good idea for them they participate in a Momo exchange or an electronic cash exchange.

The worry as of numerous residents who attempt to remain over the political clamor is to attempt to comprehend where the cash will go and how the cash will help individual Ghanaians

Oil costs have taken off. Is there any good reason why Opec won’t cut them

Individuals we will quite often politicize the greater part of our formative approaches ransacking the common resident and so far as that is concerned Ghanaians the endowment of to comprehend and impartially question strategies should there be the need.

A model is the point at which the resistance that met the presentation of the Value Added Tax (VAT) and the U-Turn that followed when VAT was at last acknowledged as an expense strategy in Ghana.

Financial Crisis

The world is encountering a monetary emergency, that is something we frequently hear nowadays when the public authority endeavors to make sense of the ongoing financial circumstance.

Financial emergencies are not new, it dates to scriptural times, what is required is great preparation, discipline, and the enthusiasm to endure the emergencies.

E-Levy is a significant assessment handle in the 2022 financial plan proclamation by Finance Minister Ken Ofori-Atta
E-Levy is a significant assessment handle in the 2022 financial plan proclamation by Finance Minister Ken Ofori-Atta

Joseph in the Bible longed for a looming monetary emergency in Egypt and aided plan to such an extent that when the remainder of the world was encountering the emergency, Egypt turned into the food capital of the world and individuals headed out to purchase food in Egypt.

A few expectations by specific stargazers demonstrate that it has quite recently started since the world is moving toward an Aquarius age, it will deteriorate before it improves, some have recommended that we put resources into Agriculture and plant what we eat

The way forward, some express, is to begin arranging now, we should endure this

Negative versus Positive Talk

There is a maxim that says that “assuming a destructions prophet predicts that the town will fall, he is likewise in the town”

It is stressing how as a group we drop so low as to affront our chiefs here and there in any event, for things that they don’t have command over.

It is so considered normal, particularly via virtual entertainment for somebody who doesn’t have their coexistences yet, to heave affronts and judgment on the country as a result of a pioneer they dislike.

Rather than affronts, why not give an elective arrangement via online entertainment, assuming that one’s answers appear to be legit individuals will become involved with it, as opposed to regurgitating lie about the nation and its approaches

It is intriguing how the Mobile Money Agents Association has changed its position on the E-Levy. The Association says it is persuaded that the expense will assist with resuscitating the economy.

Evans Otumfuo, Secretary of the Mobile Money Agents Association, said the affiliation met with the Ministry of Finance and their interests have been tended to.

Is it conceivable that the Momo Agents Association were likewise misguided very much Like the one who felt so alarm as a result of the deception about the E-Levy?

As need might arise to up our game with regards to data spread on the grounds that as Laksamana Sukardi, Former Minister for state claimed endeavors of New Zealand, said, a general public that is deceived is a perilous society.

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