Microblading eyebrows? 5 risks associated with the act

A semi-permanent eyebrow on ‘fleek’ saves you from the stress of making your brows with a pencil and gives you a semi makeup look.

This look can be achieved by microblading which is done with a special needle that draws the eyebrows and cuts off excess hair.

The procedure ought to last for 18 to 30 months if properly executed; and while it’s generally considered safe, there are some risks:

  • You might get infections like staphylococcus, HIV, hepatitis, and herpes if dirty water and infected equipment is used. Treatment for some of the infections above is antibiotics.
  • In some cases, the ink might cause allergies and an itchy rash to develop.
  • If you do not like how your brows were drawn, you cannot just fix it. The process of removing it is expensive and only happens after several sessions. You would need laser treatment to remove it properly.
  • There is a chance that it might get discoloured after just a few weeks if the pigments aren’t mixed properly.
  • It is possible the area where microblading is done gets inflamed, swollen, and has inflammatory knots. These can be fixed with antibiotics or steroids.
  • The solution to most of these is to do your microblading in a clean, hygienic and experienced place.
  • Source: pulse news

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