Master Planners: Shatta Wale And Bulldog Used Michy To Blackmail NAM1 – Blogger Cutie Juls Reveals (Photo)

According to her, because Michy then was extremely in love with baby daddy Shatta Wale, she availed herself to be used to blackmail NAM1.

Cutie said some years back, Bulldog caught Michy and NAM1 in a compromising position and took pictures of the awkward moment for future use.

Bulldog then sent Wale the pictures which he allegedly used to sign a big deal with NAM1 because he (NAM1) is a businessman he didn’t want anything to destroy his reputation so he had to give Wale want he wanted and on his terms.

Cutie further said Bulldog also used the same pictures to get his job at zylofone back after he was sacked for allegedly misusing the company’s money and got sacked.

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Bull Dog supposedly caught Michy and Nam1 in a compromising [not having s*x] situation in Nam1’s office.

He brought out his phone & snapped them without Nam1 being aware.
Well fast forward, Shatta contacted Nam1 Bull Dog had informed him about Michy and & hNam1 seen in a very “compromising position” & that he has proof. And that he was coming for Nam1 bla bla. Nam1 panicked & called Shatta to a private meeting so that they can resolve this privately cuz his brand, reputation etc was at stake & himself like most ppl knows what Shatta can do lol. This meeting resulted in Nam1 signing Shatta Wale at at that “controversial very expensive rate cuz that was What Shatta’s terms not to let everything die down without going public with it & also to make Bull Dog delete all evidences.

Remember, Michy & Nam1 never had a s*xual intercourse. Fast forward, everything was done & to Nam1, all evidence deleted.
Remember when the news went viral that Bull had been sacked from Zylofon and Zylofon later came out to debunk the news? Well this was few months after the whole incident. Bull allegedly chopped some money at Zylofon, his attitude got bad so management took a decision to sack him & he was given a sack letter. Bull then sent some of the images he took of Michy and Nam1 to his CEO and vowed to go public with it so Nam1 again had to instruct that Bull should be given back his job. Long & short the whole thing was a blackmail set up on Nam1 to do Shatta and Bull’s bidding ? by using Michy who was then so madly in love in Shatta and she thought she & her man then were being smart. She didn’t know that Shatta was all about himself.

long story short. Ask yourself, how did Bull know that Michy was in Nam1’s office at that time and walked in on them even tho he had no appointment with in his boss’ office at that particular time time?
Why will N1 even chose to frolic “shatta’s woman” in his office?

Women, learn from Michy’s ish. Luv bt with sense.