Increasing travel to a global level two

The amount of interest that the topic sparked among numerous industry operators and the general public as a whole was demonstrated by the level of involvement on our web broadcast and at the event venue.

Increasing travel to a global level two
Increasing travel to a global level

The industry requires particular attention, which is telling. This industry has significant difficulties.

The sector is frustrated with both policy makers and implementers, with issues ranging from staff attitude challenges to hoteliers and tour operators.

A comprehensive overview of the tourism industry from all angles will demonstrate that there are underlying issues at every turn, some of which can be resolved without spending any money. To deal with issues head-on, all parties must exercise leadership and work together.

However, a significant barrier preventing the industry from reaching its full potential has always been the dearth of investment in it.

We became aware of two problems during the event. Mr. David Eduaful, the Managing Director of Labadi Beach, made remarks regarding the hotel industry’s importation of beef and other items into the nation, as well as the attitudes of workers, particularly those involved in the tourism value chain.

These problems are not new, but they do raise the question of how much importance we should give the nation’s tourism industry.

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