How a female journalist staged a drama to escape robbery attack in Kumasi

The recent crime and robbery incidents in the country have opened the way for people to share their experiences on the subject.

One of the many people who have come under robbery attacks or escaped their evil attacks, is Lily Ampofoa Annor, a former Kapital Radio anchor.

Narrating her ordeal on Facebook, she said she had alighted from a cab at the Sofoline interchange one evening and as she walked to her house, a suspected robber accosted her.

According to her, she saw the guy walking in her direction from afar and his looks were what made her suspect that he could be one of those guys who hide in dark places to attack their prey.

She said after realizing that she was about to enter into trouble, many thoughts came into her mind, including running back to the roadside but she realized that will be suicidal since she “runs like a tortoise”.

The journalist further narrated that, before she could think of what to do next, the guy had already accosted her; and at this point, she knew help will not come from anywhere since it had rained that night and the whole place was quiet.

She said she realized her ‘attacker’ “was about to say something” so hurriedly devised a strategy, to stage a drama.

According to her, she cried out that her mother was on admission at the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital (KATH), a condition that has drained all her monies.

She said while in her dramatic mood, she also made the guy believe that she had been stranded since a man who had promised her to meet him at the Sofoline enclave for money to save her mum’s life, had failed to show up after waiting for him for so long.

“The way I acted, I think I would have been given a movie role if a camera captured me,” she sarcastically stated.

She said the guy then professed that he had come to take money from her but he could no longer ask for it due to her sudden conduct.

She added that the guy even wished her mother well after she faked her sickness.

The journalist, therefore, advised that people must always be “security cautious” and “smart” as doing so could save them from the traps of such attackers.

Read her full encounter below:

It was after 8pm and the place was dark as usual. The venue was the sofoline interchange. I had to walk for about 5-10 minutes to get home. I began the walking journey immediately I alighted from the Taxi.

After making some few steps, I saw a man coming towards my direction. His looks ( hair, dressing and walking) gave me a signal of who he may be but something he did prompted me the more.

I realised he also saw me from afar and as he approached me, he constantly turned to see if someone was behind him or watching. Apparently, it had rained and there was no one else on the streets.

I continued moving. He continued moving too. We were facing each other at a distance. But….he never stopped checking to see if some other person was coming behind him.

Then I knew all wasn’t well. I said a prayer. A thought came that I should run backwards. I said to myself ” To where? What if he runs after me. Me that I run like a tortoise?

So many thoughts at a time. Before I realised it he was right Infront of me. Looking back and sideways again. Then I begun a drama. ” Oh Awurade. Gyi me maame oo. ( God please save my mother)

Amidst tears, before he could speak (cos he was right Infront of me and was just about to say something) I said… Bra me maame oo. )da hospital. Meho Sika nyinaa asa.

I told him whiles crying that my mum was at the hospital and that I have used all my money. I told him, I don’t even have a pesewa but I don’t even mind as all I want is for my mum to survive. I told him a man asked me to come and meet him here for money to help save my mother but I have waited saa. The way I acted, I think I would have been given a movie role if a camera captured me.

Bra opened his mouth norr, he said in twi that he really wanted money from me oo but me it is okay.

He told me …Nyame nsa wo maame yare3 wai. (May God heal your mum)

I said Amen, moving away from him and thanked him.

Brothers and sisters, that is how I escaped a robbery attack. Be security cautious all the time. Be smart. It saves!


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