GTP unveils the Nustyle Ghana Month line

By flymultimediaghana Mar10,2024

The premier textile manufacturer in Ghana, GTP, has unveiled their Nustyle Ghana month collection in honor of Accra’s 67th Independence Day celebration.

GTP unveils the Nustyle Ghana Month line
GTP unveils the Nustyle Ghana Month line

Eleven contemporary designs with strong, distinct colors appropriate for different situations are available in the GTP Nustyle Ghana Month collection.

Reuben Sam, the Brands Manager for GTP, said during the event last Friday in Accra that the company has proudly and stylishly defined Ghanaian fashion identity since 1966.

He also noted that “our designs have always stemmed from our environment, the pride of our colors, and the diverse symbols that unite this nation.”

We are proud to present the new GTP Nustyle Collection, which was inspired by these distinctive Ghanaian symbols and designed to honor our uniqueness on this day of independence and for the entire month of March.

He remarked, “We are urging everyone who appreciates unique, sincere, and authentic Ghanaian textiles to wear GTP and announce “Mi fri Ghana” with pride.

Using signs and symbols of Ghana that evoke optimism, hope, and patriotism, the GTP Nustyle new Ghana Month collection, with a campaign dubbed Mefri Ghana, showcases the country’s rich cultural heritage.

Mr. Sam went on to say that the new GTP Ghana Month Collection is offered online at, at the GTP retail store in Osu, and at all authorized GTP dealers across the country.

For big companies interested in working with GTP to celebrate Ghana Month, there’s also a special incentive. He said, “We urge customers to always verify the legitimacy of any GTP fabric they buy by comparing the code on the label with the code on the fabric’s edge.

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