An IT student is said to have been jailed after purportedly wiping off all MTN users’ bills.

In a digital age full of technical wonders, a 24-year-old computer science student at the University of Benin in Nigeria has found himself in the public eye for unknown reasons.

Social media users are already spreading rumours that the IT student who managed to pay off MTN’s debt in full has been taken into custody.

the youthful prodigy whose skill with codes and algorithms gained widespread attention online recently.

This student reportedly succeeded in eliminating the debts owed by MTN subscribers in Nigeria, as was initially believed.

According to reports, he accomplished a remarkable feat by navigating the complex systems of MTN, a massive telecommunications company, and erasing the amounts owed by its numerous consumers.


The technological marvel inspired amazement and respect for his boldness and technical know-how.

But according to a recent social media report, the student has been taken into custody.

The first person to share this brand-new report on social media was @AkpraiseMedia, now known as X on Twitter.

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