Forgive my daughter & release her-Akuapem Poloo’s mother

Auntie Lydia, the mother of embattled actress and model Rosemond Brown, troubled by her daughter’s conviction has pleaded on her behalf in tears.

Tearfully discoursing in a phone-in conversation on Peace Fm with Akwasi Aboagye, Poloo’s mother have asked the jurists to have mercy on her daughter.

“… please forgive my daughter. The judge should consider Akupem Poloo’s son, the trauma he is currently going through and free her. God will bless her…” Auntie Lydia stated.

She went on to reveal that though she suffers from an ulcer, her daughter’s absence has made her lost appetite for days now and that’s killing her slowly.

About her grandson, Akuapem Poloo’s mother revealed the boy is seriously traumatized and confused about what is happening to his mother.

Madam Lydia, therefore, called on the general public to help her beseech the judge on her daughter’s behalf.

“Help me to appeal on Poloo’s account,” the mother said in tears.

Listen to Auntie Lydia on Peace FM; 

Meanwhile, a lot of celebrities and industry players have pledged solidarity behind Akuapem Poloo on social media –#FreeAkuapemPoloo – over conviction by the court.


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