Suspected gay partners escape mob attack after being caught in the act

The plight of some gays around Sekondi and its adjourning communities in the Western Region of Ghana continue to worsen after some angry youth caught another suspect in the act.

Richmond Gyamfi, popularly known as King Potterz, a resident of Sekondi Zongo is suspected to be a candidate of LGBTQ+, an act which the Islamic Community abhors.

On Wednesday April 14th, 2021, some youth in Sekondi Zongo upon a tip off traced Richmond Gyamfi to his residence where he is alleged to have been caught indulging in the act with his black American gay partner.

The angry residents subjected the two partners into severe beatings, however, they were able to escape the mob attack. Some of the angry youth who spoke with reporters indicated that they would have beaten the suspected gay couple to death if they had not escaped.

“We hate LGBTQ+ in this community, we have warned everyone to desist from it but these guys have proven to be stubborn. They were lucky to have escaped, we wanted to finish them to set as example to others. Even if Ghana passes law to make LGBTQ+ legal, we shall not allow anyone to practice it here in our Zongo.

We are still looking for them, they should pray we don’t find him. One of the angry youth whose name was given as Sadique told reporters.

They have since declared the suspected gay couple wanted in the community, even though the police is yet to issue an official statement about the case. They have cautioned the couple never to announce their presence in the community again.

The room of Gyamfi and his partner has been ransacked with their personal belongings have also been looted.

For now, the whereabouts of Gyamfi and his suspected gay partner is unknown.

Police have cautioned residents to report any suspected case to their office and desist from subjecting suspects to beatings.

Another Community Member indicates police will allow gay suspects back to the community and hence anyone caught in the act will be dealt with.

“We shall deal with all of them, if we report to police, nothing will happen to them, they will later leave them back to our community and we don’t want them here. If we catch anyone in the act again, we will not forgive them”, another angry resident, whose name was given as Muhammadu added.
In the meantime, laws in Ghana frowns on LGBTQ+ and its related issues.

Majority of Ghanaians are pushing for laws that will prevent potential candidates of the act to stay from the act. If laws are passed LGBTQ+ and its related activities will be criminalised.

Until the laws are passed, victims such as Gyamfi and his Partner will continue to practice their act in secret whilst being at risk of being beaten when caught.

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