Election Petition: NDC members demand to see NDC’s own collated election figures

Hundreds of opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) members have taken to social media to demand their party accounts for its own collated results in the just-ended election instead of deceiving them with the court case, MyNewsGh.com has filed.

The footsoldiers of the party say it appears the NDC led by John Dramani Mahama is in court without any form of evidence whatsoever and without any data contrary to an earlier impression.

Leading the call for answers, is Executive Director of the Alliance for Social Equity and Public Accountability (ASEPA), Mensah Thompson, Efo Kormi and other members of the party who defend its agenda always.

According to the ASEPA boss, the NDC created the impression that it had good data and “contracted a biostatistician to do some analysis on the election results for you [NDC] … He made several discoveries which featured in a viral video that got everyone questioning the integrity of the elections based how basic his presentation was”.

“Fast forward a few weeks later, you went to Court and the out of the 5 witnesses you chose to submit to the Court, none included the biostatistician who you contracted to work on the election results analysis.” He wondered.

“Wait, I thought millions of cedis was spent camping people at the party HQ to do some work on the infractions on the 2020 election results? Where is their output? What did they find? Where is their report?” He asked.

Several other members of the party expressed similar sentiments that the party was taking them for granted.

“Serious ooo JM never failed to disappoint. He has hijacked the party after the abysmal performance as a sitting prez in the 2016 election,that he’s the only one who can win 2020 election. Now here we are, Kofi Adam n Kwakye Fosu were everywhere that only JM can win 2020.”

That shows how useless your party national executives are. They went to the court with nothing, absolutely nothing. No pink sheets, no evidence, no facts and no law. They only went there with the overhyped, overpampered and arrogant lawyer Tsatsu Tsikata who only speaks long hours of foreign-acquired accent English grammar with little or no law or no citation of relevant laws, statutes or case laws to support his long emotional and political arguments. That is why I always say that this 2020 election petition is the most useless, incompetent, frivolous vexatious and whimsical election petition in the history of Ghana and the world. It is empty without any evidence or substance. It should be thrown out into the Zoom Lion dustbin in front of the Court or at best the petition papers should be given to groundnut sellers to sell more groundnuts.”

“Untruthful characters worrying us, they can’t even put a mechanism in place to protect our votes. Two agents leaving strong rooms to deliver one message. Kai.”

You are absolutely right my brother… You just can’t understand the thinking that goes into certain decisions the party takes sometimes… ‘We tire self!’”

“Everything is being hanged on our necks forcing us to swallow pills we dislike and disagree, Mahama as a former president was not supposed to have contested in the 2020 elections but in opposition can do any type of works you are driving as in position incumbent you either drop them…

“Well, some of us feel vindicated. We made it known that going to court was a useless venture for we all know the outcome even I the face of the strong evidence. We advocated the people assembly at the district level where the evidence would be made available to the voter to test. Well, they know what is best let them do it.”

“To you know your party has a bad case, and you here bashing the judges and calling them names.

Source: My News GH

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