Although Draymond Green and his wife join the fold and turn up with the rapper to get the audience going, DaBaby is seen rocking the mic and playing his popular song “Suge” in the video.

DaBaby has long been a supporter of the NBA and regularly sits courtside during Charlotte Hornets home games every season. It’s also simple to understand how the vibrant personas of Baby and the four-time NBA champion might mesh well.

Over the weekend, Draymond wed Hazel Greene in a private ceremony attended by a host of celebrities. About ten years ago, the pair met while Green was playing basketball at Michigan State. They have one son together.

We were both athletes and in the same theater class, she recalled to Essence.

Consequently, since we were already acquainted, we gravitated toward one another for group tasks.

Brooklyn star Kyrie Irving gave him the jersey off his back after scoring 50 points in the game in March while DaBaby was watching the Nets and Hornets play.

On the musical front, DaBaby made a comeback in album mode and debuted his upcoming Baby On Baby 2 project with the track “Waitress,” which was released on August 12. The album contains numerous NBA allusions, which is only fitting.