What happened to Bob Barker’s brother, Kent Valandra?

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The game show presenter and television celebrity Bob Barker’s brother is Kent Valandra.

What happened to Bob Barker's brother, Kent Valandra?
What happened to Bob Barker’s brother, Kent Valandra?

 The Price Is Right and Truth or Consequences are two game programs that Bob Barker is well known for hosting. On April 6, 2009, he released his memoirs, Precious Memories. He actively supports animal rights and animal activism.

Kent Valandra: Bio Summary

Name Kent Valandra
Gender Male
Famous as brother of Bob Barker
Date of birth N/A
Birthplace Springfield, Missouri
Nationality American
Parents Matilda Kent Tarleton and Louis Valandra
Sibling Bob Barker
Spouse N/A

Kent Valandra: Who Is He?

Half-brother to Bob Barker is Kent Valandra. Matilda Kent Tarleton and Louis Valandra are the parents of Kent. Matilda (Matilda “Tillie” Valandra), his mother, was a teacher. Byron John Barker and Matilda Kent Tarleton were previously wed. Robert William Barker was raised by Matilda and Byron John Barker ( Bob Barker). The electrical high line through the state of Washington was foreman by Byron. At the age of 42, Byron died from his injuries after falling from a power pole and being involved in a work-related accident.

Following Matilda and Louis’ marriage, the family relocated to Springfield, Missouri. The early years of Kent Valandra are largely unknown. There is still no information available on his birthdate, age, upbringing, or education, among other things.

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