Cameroonian woman cut into pieces and thrown in a trash can in Italy

The city of Bologna (Italy) is shaken by the violent assassination of Cameroonian Emma Pezemo.

Her body was found cut into pieces in a trash can. The young lady was dating another 43-year-old Cameroonian named Jacques Honoré Ngounet.

CamerounWeb offers you the story of the drama made by the Anti Sardinards Brigade (BAS).

The Young Cameroonian OSS student (SOCIO SANITARY OPERATOR) named Miss EMMA PEZEMO, aged 31, was found murdered dead.

It is traces of blood found in a trash can on the outskirts of the city of Bologna in Italy, by passers-by who will alert the police. It will be poor Emma’s body painstakingly cut and wrapped in garbage bags.

The main suspect and presumed guilty would be according to the police, His companion named JACQUES HONORÉ NGOUENET aged 43, former soldier in Cameroon and working as an Intelligence Agent for the State of Cameroon.

The day before, they spent the day together. When Emma didn’t get home the next morning, her roommates got worried and called Jacques who told them he didn’t know anything, and that’s where their worry started. So they called the police to report her missing. The agents of the mobile team immediately went to Jacques’ house and found him hanged.

On the spot at his home, the police will find next to his body, a letter written by the hand of Jacques, with sentences which, according to the investigators, contain elements which make it clear his responsibilities in fact. The investigations obviously do not stop and other indications will come in the coming days after the examination of the corpses or autopsy.

Relatives and acquaintances of the alleged murderer inform us that he suffered from psycho-traumatic disorders, and, throughout the year 2020, was interned in Italy in a psychiatric center for treatment.



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