5 fascinating details about Shugatiti

Shugatiti entered the Ghanaian entertainment industry as a video vixen but has managed to hold onto her position as one of the most divisive socialites in the nation.

5 fascinating details about Shugatiti
5 fascinating details about Shugatiti


She moved on from being a video vixen to other careers, such as boudoir photo modeling, and eventually became an entrepreneur.

At age 25, she seems to have experienced a lot of ‘spotlight buzz’ and this probably is because her brand was built on controversies.

On the back of her recent encounter with the American porn actor, King Nazir, let’s take a look at some interesting facts about the popular nudist.

1. She was raised by her stepmother


Shugatiti once claimed that the abuse she endured from her stepmother toughened her up in an effort to explain why she had grown a thick skin for online bullies.

She claimed that when she was growing up, her parents, who had been largely absent from her life since she was a youngster, never showed her the least love.

“I’m used to it because I was raised without affection. Without my parents, I was an only child. I was surrounded by people, yet there was no true affection. I was living with my stepmother so the kind of words and insults that will descend on you each day – these social media insults and attacks are small,” she revealed on Okay FM’s Best Entertainment Show sometime in August 2022.


In a different conversation with Delay, she stated:

“I’m unsure of my mother’s whereabouts. I hadn’t seen her in fifteen years. Others used to accuse her of stealing their spouses when I was younger. She promised to return to me 15 years ago, but that was it. She disappeared. My dad is also somewhere in the Central region. They both did not give me the attention I needed.”

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