Woman drinks & rubs her menstrual blood; use it as a daily cream

Woman drinks & rubs her menstrual blood

A Spanish influencer has revealed that she drinks her period blood to improve her health and well-being — a practice that scientists believe is bloody stupid.

“Your menstrual blood is pure medicine,” Jasmine Alicia Carter, 30, told News Dog Media of her alleged panacea.

A self-appointed “Sacred Women’s Empowerment Mentor,” the Barcelona native’s goal is to help women “understand and reclaim the inherent sacredness that lies within their entire menstrual cycle.

“We are here because of our vaginas and our blood and women don’t take enough credit for that,” claimed Carter, who feels that women have historically been “taught to be ashamed of our periods.”

She even theorizes that tampons and menstrual pads contain chemicals to “hide our blood and compromise the natural functioning of our periods,” which she claimed are “packed with all the nutrients we need.”

To take advantage of these supposed health benefits and shed the stigma, the menstrual health advocate reportedly drinks her period plasma on the reg.

“When I drink my period blood, I will usually squat on the toilet, remove my menstrual cup and take a sip,” Carter explained to News Dog Media. “I’m so connected to my body that I know exactly how much blood to drink.”

She added, “Sometimes it’s just a sip and sometimes it’s a whole menstrual cup because I need more nutrients.”

Those nutrients, according to Carter, include protein, iron, copper and selenium, as well as antimicrobial properties and even regenerative stem cells.

However, current research states that menstrual blood can be a breeding ground for bacteria.

Still, the social media star claimed that the healthier the person, the better their period blood.

“Your period blood won’t [be] as good if you’re eating junk food every day, for example, because your nutrients will be poor,” Carter explained of the vampiric-seeming trend.

“But when you’re in tune with your period, then you know how much you need to drink and can feel the benefits.”


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