Why there is a continued need for private helicopters

Why there is a continued need for private helicopters
Why there is a continued need for private helicopters
Tim Fauchon, CEO of the British Helicopter Association, agrees that helicopter ownership is a privilege for the affluent. “If you’re flying a helicopter, you’ve got a bit of cash behind you.”When time is of the essence, it still makes sense to spend the money on such a machine. “You buy a helicopter to save time; it’s an efficient way of getting from A to B.”

Additionally, owners of private helicopters can recover their expenses by leasing their aircraft to flying schools while they’re not in use.

New rivals in the helicopter industry are also starting to emerge.With several hundred projects underway globally, electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft, or evtols, have been marketed as the solution to a multitude of regional and urban transit demands.

The manufacturers of Evtol claim that their battery-powered, frequently multirotor aircraft will be less expensive, quieter, and simpler to operate than helicopters.

There is hope that these aircraft will eventually open up a much larger market for the convenience of helicopter travel.

Private jet club Flexjet has placed an order for an Evtol from Brazilian aerospace giant Embraer, and Adam Twidell is figuring out how to incorporate these machines into the club’s activities.Flexjet expects that its Eve Evtol machine will quickly transport people into city centers from private ports.

According to Mr. Twidell, gaining regulatory certification is the hardest thing for any new flying machine, like Eve or the HX50. He is fully aware of the magnitude of testing a new aircraft must undergo.

“In aviation, one must believe what one sees. Certification entails that every component of the apparatus must have received safety certification.”

Can Hill overcome the Evtol difficulty or duplicate Robinson’s success? In line with Mr. Hill’s goal, eliminating the need for outside vendors and creating and

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