WATCH VIDEO : Wise up and talk sense-Twene Jonas fires Vim Lady for criticising him

Social media sensation, Twene Jonas has fired heavy shots at Despite Media’s Afia Pokuaa aka Vim Lady for criticising him over his constant attacks on Ghanaian leaders.

The US-based Ghanaian socialite, according to him, in a new video sees no reason for the presenter to attack her whiles there are pressing issues she could have talked about on her platform.

Jonas has for years now been lambasting the Ghanaian leadership over their ‘poor’ governance.

He believes our leaders could do better than what we see of them.

According to him in countless videos shared online, he will not rest until he sees an improvement in the living conditions of the ordinary Ghanaian.

His public outcry has amassed him such a huge following across social media platforms that his ‘preachings’ have sunk deep into the hearts of some Ghanaians who now buy into his idea.

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Following this, Vim Lady has a different school of thought – probably not in support of Twene’s calls – has vehemently criticised him on the radio.

Vim Lady explains Ghanaian should disregard Jonas aka ‘Glass Nkoaa’ over his loud talks against our leaders because nothing good has come out of his calls over the years.

The socialite, however, replying to Vim Lady has asked her to talk sense rather than she talking out of ignorance and political influence.

Watch the video below to see the lengthy reply Jonas gave to Vim Lady; 

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