WATCH VIDEO : Voltarian creates a stir by immersing himself in boiling water over a raging fire 

Some Ghanaians on social media have been taken aback after a video of an Ewe guy plunging his feet in boiling hot water while it was on fire went viral.

According to the footage, the man held his composure as if he were standing on a level surface while conversing with another man nearby.

While standing in the hot water, the man showed no signs of discomfort or anguish, prompting internet users to speculate about the man’s magical abilities.

Some netizens couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw the exhibition that the man in the photo made.

Watch the video below:

Read some comments below:

messiah_de_king: “It’s a normal day to day activity we do”

elormbeenie: “If you know you know!!! My Culture, My Pride!!!??????”

smarthyena: “My culture, my tribe, my tradition and my pride !! ???? it’s funny how some people will come rubbish this. Hadn’t been they know ?”

iamkocah: “Thus is a steam bath. To excrete diseases and toxins out of the body.”

6085joshua: “Herh I’m proud to an ewe??”

faithful572: “This is what the politicians go for.. ??”

dj_sedem: “God owns the power but man get the powers”


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