WATCH VIDEO: Top millionaire in Ghana narrates how a mad man made him rich

A Ghanaian millionaire has recounted how through a mad man on the streets, he got his riches making him a millionaire.

The heavily loaded rich man who is based in Ejisu in the Ashanti Region of Ghana narrated that his fortunes today is as a result of a lotto number a mad man gave him which he staked and won.

Speaking in a radio interview, Mr Prince Osei who has been touted by many a Sakawa man debunked those claims.

There some assertions by some residents of Ejisu that Mr Prince Osei’s wealth is sourced from blood money.

These claims have led him to be tagged as a Sakawa man. Because of this whenever he gifts money to the younger ones in the community, the parents of these children ensure that his money is returned.

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Thank you very much my brother, before i speak let me mention my real name, my real name is Prince Osei. This issue I am coming to talk about is a very important issue for me and also happy to sit here and explain everything to the world.

In this world that we live there is nobody who has ever gone for Juju to be rich, when you are poor, they don’t say you have gone for Juju to be poor, but when you are rich they say you have gone for Juju to be rich” He stressed.


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