WATCH VIDEO : ‘Shameless’ Kweku Baako has lied to Ghanaians for over 40 years — A Plus

Social commentator and political activist, Kwame Asare Obeng, widely known as A Plus, says veteran journalist, Abdul Malik Kweku Baako Jnr is the opposite of what has long been propagated about him.

According to him, the Editor-in-chief of the New Crusading Guide newspaper is nothing sort of a “liar” who has been lying to Ghanaians for many years.

“When we were growing up, this man called Kwaku Barko was our mentor. Such a shameless old man who has thrown dust into the eyes of many people for years because they don’t read.

“This man has lied to a whole nation for over 40 years,” A Plus wrote on Facebook.

His outburst follows some comments made by Mr. Kwaku Baako in regards to the viral warning letter issued to activist Ibrahim Mohammed, popularly called Macho Kaaka by the Ejura Police days before he was murdered.

It will be recalled that barely a day after Kaaka’s death, a warning letter which was issued to him by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the Ejura Police, made the rounds on social media.

The CID in the controversial letter, warned Kaaka to put an end to a supposed “offensive conduct” or risk facing their action.

Contributing to a discussion on the Ejura killing inquiry on JoyNews’ Newsfile programme last Saturday, Kweku Baako argued that the police did not issue any such warning notice to Kaaka.

According to him, the viral warning letter was “fake”.

He explained that the Police Administration does not use the Ghana Coat of arms as the logo on their letterheads.

Kweku Baako argued that upon sighting the letter, he sought a clarification from the CID boss, Commissioner of Police (COP) Ken Yeboah, who confirmed that the letter was indeed a fake one.

“…That warning letter was fake, completely fake. See, is this the police letterhead? Do they use the Coat of Arms? Police have a different symbol that they use, the police cannot use this, their letterhead does not contain this, this is a lie, take it from me,” he argued.

“I checked with the Director-General of CID, I sent this to him to authenticate it for me and he came back and said, it was fake. And in fact, I even said something which I don’t think they’ve done, that they should encourage the Ashanti Regional Police Command to issue a disclaimer,” he added.

However, host of Metro TV’s ‘Good Morning Ghana’, Randy Abbey, who was also a guest on the show interjected the claims made by Kweku Baako, saying the police admitted to issuing the controversial warning letter when they appeared before the Three-Member Committee probing the case.

But Kweku Baako later retracted and apologise for misinforming the public.

Watch the conversion in the video below:

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