Video: Veteran Actress, Kyeiwaa Reveals The Secrets To Having A Happy Marriage

Kyeiwaa’s advice comes in the midst of recent tragic accounts of husbands and boyfriends assaulting their wives and vice versa, with some even going so far as to kill their spouses.

Ghana has already seen the heartbreaking news of women losing their lives in bad marriages just three months into the year 2021.

In addition, the divorce rate has been gradually rising across all nations as a result of bad marriages to the wrong spouses.

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Taking all of this into account, Kyeiwaa, a Ghanaian celebrated actress who is happily married and lives in the United States with her husband, has revealed some secrets to help married couples.

Kyeiwaa believes that in order for a marriage to succeed, all parties must learn to appreciate one another. To further clarify, Kyeiwaa used an example, asking women what they would do if their husbands gave them gifts that they feel they (their men) should have done better.

Again, Kyeiwaa urged couples to avoid greed because it causes them to be unappreciative of what they have in their marriages.

The veteran actress urged couples to never include their friends in their marital problems and, if possible, to restrict the number of friends they have and make their partners their only best friends.

Kyeiwaa encouraged married couples to make decisions together and to avoid taking marriage advice from relatives. She went on to say that even though they seek advice from peers, they can just take the good advice and forget the bad.

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Recently, Kyeiwaa and her husband, Michael Kissi Asare, laid their daughter, Miss Rebecca Sagoe to rest.

The video rom the burial of Kyeiwaa ‘daughter’ Miss Rebecca Sagoe was shocking that most Ghanaian sent their condolences to her, click here to watch the video


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