Video: Thief Forced To Cry And Laugh At The Same As New Punishment

A video of an alleged thief been forced to cry and make himself happy at the same time has caused stirs online.

ered has it that the alleged thief is a known notorious criminal who have been on the wanted list for a long time.

However, instead of netizens taken the law into their own hands to deal with the suspect, they intend use him as source of entertainment before handing him over to the police.

For obvious reasons, a thief was left at the mercy of an angry mob after he was caught and beaten for stealing light cables somewhere in Takoradi.

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Check hereIn the viral footage, the suspected thief was reluctant to laugh after he had received some serious beatings from the mob.

The mobs repeated that he should laugh and use the phrase ”stealing is so sweet’ of which the alleged thief complied to avoid more beatings .

Watch video below


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