VIDEO: Ice Kenkey seller taped mashing it with dirty feet

GhPage has chanced on a disturbing video going viral on social media where an ice kenkey seller is captured mashing balls of Kenkey in a pan with her dirty feet. Very unhygienic.

From the video sighted and as per the commentary, the unidentified woman could be seen mixing and mashing the many balls of kenkey with her leg and hand consecutively.

The food meant for human consumption being prepared under unclean conditions. The seller might have been doing this for a very long time. Watch the video below;

This footage, following it surfacing on the internet has garnered mixed reactions from netizens with some strongly condemning the act, others are still left in shock and a few having different thoughts on this.

Read some comment below;

prigyei9 added his view: “U people should cook at home a, u won’t listen . This year nkoaa, I’ve heard about 3(videos) woman who sold snake to somebody as meat ?. And the one who used human body to make food for people”.

esidiamond5 said: “Reason why I don’t buy this outside” very shocked wrote; “If you wan to think of everything we eat eer, like you will not eat anything ??”

juliaafriyie had this to say; “For me I don’t see it to be kenkey ,kenkey is not sticky but thick as u can see it looks shimmy n sticky is soap”

It’s really sad how some food vendors choose to do everything to get money to the detriment of consumers. Henceforth, be mindful of where and what food you buy. You can’t trust these food sellers anymore.



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