Using juju to secure men doesn’t work – Lady reveals

A social media user who seems to know more about using black magic popularly known as Juju on men has revealed that ladies shouldn’t put their trust in it because it doesn’t work.

It has now become a new trend that people trying to get hooked to the opposite sex go to all lengths just to win the person over.

We have heard stories of boys and girls going in for the popular ‘for girls’ and ‘for boys’ respectively to keep their partners hooked to them alone.

But according to Instagram twerker Jane Mena, people especially ladies should stop wasting their time in getting that to secure their men because it doesn’t work.

She explained that the ladies of this generation rush to consult mallams and juju men immediately they notice a man who is rich and they want to enjoy from that man.

She advised that instead of ladies taking their money to these men to provide them with charms that don’t work, they should rather do a giveaway on social media to increase their followers.

Jane added that anyone who plays to engage in this should ask anyone who has been involved in this before and ask for their experience and advice.

Using juju to secure men doesn’t work – Lady reveals
Using juju to secure men doesn’t work – Lady reveals

Without mincing words, she stated that these people are desperately single and always end up in the hands of wrong men because they have sold themselves and their souls to the devil.

See her post below:

Jane Mena

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