Tsatsu Tsikata recalls an instance where he took a lady on a kenkey and fish date

Renowned legal practitioner, Mr. Tsatsu Tsikata has proven to be a ‘guru’ not only within the confines of law but also in romance.

Recounting an instance where he once exhibited one of such romantic prowess, Mr. Tsikata said he took a lady on a date to Osu night market to eat some special kenkey and fish.

Narrating on KSM’s show, he said that particular gesture was to impress a certain lady he was dating at that time.

“I’ve always found Osu night market a very refreshing spot for meeting some personal expectations. It is a fact that in order to impress someone, I have taken them along to see this wonderful kenkey and fish seller at the Osu night market,” he expressed.

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When asked whether he still visits the night market to eat, Mr.Tsikata had this to say:

“I’ve lost track of her due to corona issues. And also, I’m no longer a bachelor so things are longer the same. I now have home-cooked food. Even when I was in prison, I was getting home-cooked food in prison every single day because my wife insisted that I should eat home-cooked food.

“Apart from the wonders of her food, I got to find out that this lady through the night market work had educated her daughter. One day when I went there she introduced her to me as a student in Legon,” he added.

Watch the video below:

Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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