Small boy who put on the Sakawa ring recount how and why it all happened

Emmanuel Otabil, the young boy who was nearly killed after wearing a Sakawa ring has recounted and explained why his finger got swollen.

For the past few days news went viral about a young boy who nearly died as a result of putting on a ring on his finger which is believed to be a Sakawa ring which according to reports suggested that the ring was demanding a blood of a newborn baby.

Fortunately for the boy a mallam came to his rescue and performed some rituals which eventually got the ring off his ring.

Emmanuel recounting his ordeal on Angel TV explained that the ring did not belong to him but he took it from a friend’s place at Kasoa where he went to play a video game.

He narrated that the ring is not supposed to be worn while asleep but unfortunately he slept with the ring when he got home and to his dismay he woke up to find out his finger had swollen.

He continued that upon realizing what had happened, fear gripped him so he called his friend to help pull the finger off but it was unsuccessful.

He revealed that his friend tried with a hacksaw to cut the ring yet still they failed but took the intervention of the spiritualist who incanted and eventually got the ringer off the finger.



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