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Revo! Revo! revolution has a long way to go and have come to stay becouse people like you. ( Lord commey) caders may go caders may come but the revolution have come to stay
Revo! Revo revolution have come to stay.

Let me state very emphatically that, Mr Lord Commey, you better revise your notes very well. If you think you succeeded in 2020 general elections doesn’t mean you will succeed in 2024, find a place and hide, we have seen cowards like you who made so much noise before during and after the 2008 elections after they were beaten hands down by Prof fifi Evans Atta Mills of blessed memory, they went dead silence.

We in the NDC sort to go by the rule of law which failed us in 2020 General elections and its doesn’t mean we will keep that same path again.

Your government succeeded in convensing us to disband our vigilante groups all for the sake of peace and for the love we have for our nation but behind the cines a well rehearsed vigilante group under the osposes of the national security in broad day light Displayed to us their mission and what they are ready for at Ayawaso West Wagon – AWW and we couldn’t counter.

You and your government murdered 2, maimed 3, injured several people during the voter registration exercise and we the NDC were quiet. On election day, again you implemented your plans fully, that resulted in the killing of 8 innocent souls callously and injuring several others, and we applauded you by approving all your ministers in parliament. In fact, the sovereignty of this nation was attacked when your government ordered their well-armed invisible soldiers to discipline our MPs in parliament during the election of the speaker.

Now they are telling us that
“We won’t handover power to any opposition party in 2024. We have the power and we will use it.” ~Laud Commey, Director of Operations at the Presidency.

I hope the national peace Council heard him loud and clearly, the Christian Council,
the clergy, the civil society groups and all those who matters have heard him loud and clear.

We in the NDC are focus and this will not distract us.
We will play by the rules of the game but I can promise you if you try, you will be defeated.

This your ananse story, tell this to your kids at home because you are joking.
you don’t know what you are talking about.
If this is to push us to reveal our strategy and tactics for 2024 then you have failed.
And I promise you that this your joke will be remembered at the appropriate time.

Democracy is the path we in the NDC have chosen for this nation and therefore we the NDC will beat you by the ballot first and if you try anything funny you will live to regret for the rest of your life.

I leave you with this popular phrase



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