Pokuase: Juju Man electrocute 5-year-old boy to death

A Juju Man from Benin has been arrested by the police for electrocuting a 5-year-old boy to death at Pokuase-Efiema Transformer.

Narrating this gut-wrenching story, the father of the deceased, Frank Amponsah speaking in an interview on Kingdom FM (107.7) disclosed that he saw his son lying lifeless when he got to the room of the Benin Juju man.

According to him, he was called upon to quickly go and see his son dying as a result of an electric shock in the room of a Beninese living behind his house.

He barged into their room only to see an electric cable in the hands of his beloved son (who by then was electrocuted by that) lying helpless on the floor.

He further explained the Benin national (name unknown) when he got there, saw him holding a huge stick he could have used to rescue his son but he failed to.

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He went on to say that he quickly took a stick to take off the cable in the hand of his son who then had life and rushed him to Amasaman Hospital.

To his surprise, when he got to the hospital, the nurses there told him that there’s little they could do to save the little boy because they had no oxygen to be given to him.

The child died on the way to Nsawam Hospital from Amasaman Hospital. The body has been taken by Pokuase Police to carry out an autopsy.

This sad incident comes a few days after the gruesome murder of a 10-year-old boy named Ishmael by two teenagers called Nicholas and Felix in Kasoa.


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