PHOTOS: Rich Man Buys Church Building And Sacked Members Over Noisy Activities Every Day

A rich man has allegedly bought a church building and sacked all the members over frequent noisy activities which a lot of people kept complaining about every day

This piece of information was shared by Twitter user identified as Kelvin Odanz @MrOdanz.

According to him, for years that particular church has been making extra noise and disturbing the peace of the residence.

He added that, the residence did everything in their power for the church to at least reduce the level of noisy activities but all to no avail.

The rich man who obviously had enough of the noise bought the church building and kick out the members.

Odanz wrote on Twitter;

There used to be a church located somewhere across my street that torment residents with noise/prayers. The man living on the other side of their fence bought their property last month and evicted them. This was after several efforts to get them to reduce their noise. God is good

He said


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