NPP will stay in opposition for over 10 years if we don’t win the 2024 elections – NPP Chairman warns

Abubakari Shani Bawumia, Chairman of the New Patriotic Party’s USA Tallahassee chapter, has stated that if the party loses the 2024 elections, it will be in opposition for more than a decade.

Mr Bawumia stated that this is why the party must take steps to ensure that it breaks the eight-year streak in 2024.

Mr Shani Bawumia, the chapter’s chairman, made the remarks during the chapter’s inaugural address on December 4, 2021, in Tallahassee.

“If we don’t get involved and make the right call for the right and deserving person to lead us into the 2024 elections, our party risks going into opposition for more than a decade.” “The sad and painful memories of what happened in Ghana after the 2008 elections are still fresh in our minds.”

He stated that, in addition to presenting a united front in the next election, the party must present a formidable presidential candidate capable of shaking the foundations of their opponents.

“We must present a formidable candidate capable of shaking our opponents’ foundations with humility, intelligence, and pro-poor policies.”

The formation of the NPP’s USA Tallahassee chapter began in 2018.

The inauguration on Saturday, with the theme “strategizing to break the 8 in 2024,” marks the start of the chapter tasked with mobilizing support for the party in Tallahassee.

Source : ghpage

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