NPP MPs chased out by constituents: Atta Akyea joins Jinapor, Hawa Koomson

Angry constituents drive out three NPP MPs in under a year

The latest victim is Abuakwa South MP, Samuel Atta Akyea

Reports emerged via a viral video clip on Monday, March 7, 2022 of some angry residents of an area in the Abuakwa South Constituency – literally – walking out their Member of Parliament, Samuel Atta Akyea, from the area amid boos and jeers.

In the said video, the NPP MPs is captured walking back to a pick-up vehicle, as scores of people hooted and booed at him.

He is eventually driven out of the area surrounded by people believed to be his aides and his security detail.

Atta Akyea, a relative of the President only becomes that latest Member of Parliament on the side of the ruling New Patriotic Party to have been ‘driven away’ by a section of his constituents.

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GhanaWeb looks back at two other NPP MPs who have suffered a similar fate

Hawa Koomson chased out by fisherfolk

In July 2021, food items from the Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture, Mavis Hawa Koomson, to fishermen in Elmina, was rejected by angry fisher folk.

They said they were unhappy with the decision by the minister to stop them from engaging in light fishing – a process of fishing that attracts fish by hooking, gill-netting, or by any other gear, upon the resumption of the fishing season.

They insisted that without light fishing, the business of fishing for them will be greatly affected.

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Booing and shouting “Yengye oo, yengye ooo,” to wit, “we will not collect,” the angry fishermen turned the minister and her entourage away, along with their packed bags of rice and gallons of cooking oil.

They also said she had not taken their welfare as a top priority and not even the presence of a top traditional leader will get them to accept the minister.

Months later, there was a report that they had apologized to the Minister for their conduct.

Abu Jinapor’s donation rejected by youth of Busunu

In July 2021, the Youth of Busunu in the West Gonja Municipality of the Savannah Region rejected a donation by the Member of Parliament (MP) for Damongo, Samuel Abu Jinapor, who also doubles as the Minister for Lands and Natural Resources.

In a viral video circulated at the time, the irate young men were captured hauling bags of rice back into a Nissan pick-up with registration number GC 2302-18.

“We need jobs, not rice; we are here but you people are selling jobs; no occasion will take place here” and “go and tell Abu Jinapor he is fooling us; put the rice back and go away,” they were heard stating in a mixture of English and the local Gonja dialect.

The pickup subsequently sped off with chants of “away! away!”

NPP MPs chased out by constituents: Atta Akyea joins Jinapor, Hawa Koomson
NPP MPs chased out by constituents: Atta Akyea joins Jinapor, Hawa Koomson

Bole-based Nkilgi FM reported that the community had voted massively for the MP during the 2020 elections because the then Damongo Constituency candidate promised them among others, jobs.

The young alleged according to the Nkilgi FM report that, “the MP and his associates are selling security and other employment opportunities to them for not less than GHc10,000 per head and that he has stopped picking their calls and not returning them.”

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See the Atta Akyea ‘sacking’ video below:


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